Based in Austin, Texas.

I’m a creative technologist with a background in design, product, and engineering.

My current research interests include web3 and exploring models for building squad wealth, convival tools, and decentralized cooperatives.

I graduated from Texas A&M and Cornell, but the streets taught me.

My talent is exploration and my skill is execution. I love to design, build, and brand both tech & non-tech products that push people to interact with the world differently. I always aim to converge my passions for aesthetics, storytelling, and data to create experiences that speak to contemporary culture and challenge what we think we already know.

I currently lead product at Checkr for Checkr X, where we’re exploring tools for the future of work. My previous startup, Soko, where I led product as Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, was acquired by Checkr. On the side, I'm running B3BOP®, an internet media collective focused on content curation, creation, community building, and investing at the intersection of art, technology, and culture. I'm also building Indie Grails, a community-curated site sharing the best new independent streetwear brands and drops.

Previously, I co-founded Craterland (RIP 🪦), a venture-backed video-sharing platform focused on redefining local TV. We served local stories to 6+ cities across the U.S. while also helping independent creators get their start in video journalism & the now coined "creator economy."

I've consulted for startups like SuperRare, Rollfi, Buildspace, and Yac, but also larger companies like Couchbase, NCR, SAP, Nokia, and Toyota, to name a few.

I also angel invest where I can in projects and founders I love like 1v1Me, Unit21, ReplitGumroad, The Drivers Cooperative, and Umba.

I love working directly with startup founders and investors, typically helping with product design and strategy. But, I also love mentoring and believe in paying things forward. So, if you're working on something or thinking about it, pick my brain. I love side-projects and helping others figure out theirs. 😊

If you'd like to connect, you can find me on Twitter @vufrancois or email me at

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