Based in Austin, Texas.

I’m a creative technologist with a background in design, product, and engineering.

My current research interests include future of work and things like squad wealth, convival tools, and decentralized cooperatives.

I currently lead product at Checkr where we’re exploring tools for the future of work. My previous startup, Soko, where I led product as Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, was acquired by Checkr.

On the side, I'm running my own design practice Francois Labs, and few side projects like a newsletter B3BOP®, a brand In Search of Time, and a community for streetwear brands Indie Grails.

My talent is exploration and my skill is execution. I love to design, build, and brand both tech & non-tech products that push people to interact with the world differently. I always aim to converge my passions for aesthetics, storytelling, and data to create experiences that speak to contemporary culture and challenge what we think we already know.

I did my undergrad in engineering at Texas A&M and got my MBA at Cornell, but the streets (and internet) taught me.

I've consulted for startups like SuperRare, Rollfi, Buildspace, and Yac, but also larger companies like Couchbase, NCR, SAP, Nokia, and Toyota, to name a few.

I also angel invest where I can in projects and founders I love like 1v1Me, Unit21, ReplitGumroad, The Drivers Cooperative, and Umba.

I love working directly with startup founders and investors, typically helping with product design and strategy. But, I also love mentoring and believe in paying things forward. So, if you're working on something or thinking about it, pick my brain. I love side-projects and helping others figure out theirs. 😊

If you'd like to connect, you can find me on X @vufrancois or email me at

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