What’s poppin’?

I’m Vu, a passionate product manager, multidisciplinary product designer (who codes), battle-scarred founder, futurist podcaster, & recent graduate of Cornell University’s Tech MBA program.

I’m currently working on Craterland, a video-sharing platform that redefines local TV, but I’ve also designed, shipped, & worked on products for companies like SAP, Nokia, Warby Parker, Techstars, Shell, Chevron, HPE, Dallas Cowboys, Hertz, Concur, NCR, & Toyota.

I’m influenced by southern hip-hop, skate culture, & fine art, but cold brews, tacos, & really hot hot sauces keep me going. (I’m also currently working on my own hot sauce recipe. 🌶️)

I like designing, building, & branding both tech & non-tech products that push people to interact with the world differently. I always aim to converge my passions for aesthetics, storytelling, & data to create experiences that speak to contemporary culture & challenge what we think we already know.

You can check out some of my work below. 👇

If you're working on something interesting or thinking about it, pick my brain. Or, if you’re a company, I’m taking  contract, freelance, & consulting work.

You can find me on Twitter @vufrancois or email me

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