︎ Design Principles

Last Updated 08/01/21

Pay Homage1

︎︎︎Leave breadcrumbs of giants before you. Inspire historical research. Reference childhood.

Send It2

︎︎︎Perfectionism is a time sink. It's better to advance the conversation than to dwell.

Generational Lens3

︎︎︎Aim to pose a challenge to society and force a generation to make a descision.

Cultural White Space4

︎︎︎Spotlight the relevant cultural white space of the times.

For Purists & Tourists5

︎︎︎Speak to everyone on the spectrum of interest.

Add Value6

︎︎︎Work that does not create value today or tomorrow, is not worth exploring.

Don't Be Precious7

︎︎︎Ideas are ideas. They start off bad and become great through refinement.

Get Started8

︎︎︎Just do it.

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